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BeatBox is a fantastic temporary music space offering a dedicated soundproofed environment for music creativity. Providing a unique music practice room for bands or solo players: BeatBox is transportable, compact and tenacious.


Designed by musicians for musicians this inspiring versatile facility is ideal when you’re short on space at school, college or at home for practicing your instrument. It offers the opportunity to provide a means of self expression to anyone, but in particular, young people, through sound and music.

BeatBox benefits:

·         Acoustically isolated – either players can be as loud as they like without disturbing other people, activities or lessons

·         Privacy and quiet for focussed concentration without distraction from others or outside noise

·         Cost effective: it’s transportable so BeatBox can be conveniently located for users, saving on the cost of travel or the need for a new build

·         Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation qualities, fully ventilated

·         Secure, structurally sound and water tight

·         Internal dimensions:  5m x 1.8m x 2.15m

·         Customised interior and exterior colours for purchased containers


BeatBox could sit in your garden; it could sit in your college grounds. It is available in different sizes and you could have more than one – imagine a village of BeatBoxes at your festival or school!


 “Beatbox has really captured the imagination of the young people I work with. It gives them a mobile state-of-the-art provision to rehearse in and also to take part in music tuition. BeatBox has been used for all sorts of music making from rock bands to rappers and from DJs to beat makers” Ham Youth Centre Youth Leader Ben Skelton

See & hear video of the BeatBox in action -- Turn on your computer sound!

BeatBox Video Demo