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Constructed within a shipping container, the acoustically treated space allows maximum interior sound levels without disturbing the neighbours. Musicians will be able to experience excellent acoustics for practice in a carefully crafted environment.


Each BeatBox comes in a 20ft shipping container.


Fit out for a typical 20ft BeatBox:

         External dimensions: 6.60m length x 2.43m width x 2.59m height

         Internal Dimensions: 5.00m length x 1.80m width x 2.15m height

         16 x 13 amp power outlets

         2 x ceiling mounted fluorescent light fittings

         Smoke detector

         Ventilation fan

         External lighting

         Internal door with key


         Drum kit

         Fire Extinguisher


Alternative sizes are also available with stacked or adjoined containers.


BeatBox should not require planning permission at education establishments but always check with your local planning department. It is delivered and installed as an integrated package onto a flat area, requiring only an electricity supply for sites accessible by a container lorry.


BeatBox can be ordered for purchase or to hire. For hire, BeatBox can be delivered for a minimum 6 month contract with a break clause and design as standard. For purchases, there are options on the external and interior colour schemes.


BeatBox delivered Container opened and BeatBox open ready to rehearse

The young members from Ham Youth Club in Richmond as part of their own project helped to design and spray paint alongside a spray paint artist this BeatBox below to stunning effect. Artists and art departments can get involved too. Please contact us to find out about terms and conditions before you undertake this.